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Automotive Engine Specialties

The advanced capabilities of Automotive Engine Specialties (AES) are driven by our highly skilled staff and the cutting-edge technology available in our machine shop. Having all the machinery in house to do the job right, is just one of the critical advantages we offer. Using the most accurate and versatile machines on the market we are building your engine with superior quality and affordability.

As a full-service machine shop, AES is built on the foundation of great talent and experience. Our fully trained technical staff has been setting the industry standards for nearly a decade. This dedicated team of engine specialists has more than 35 years combined experience, offering our customers a powerful resource to produce maximum performance.

Check out the list below of our most popular machining service or contact us with your specific needs!

  • Crankshafts
  • Blocks
  • Cylinder Head
  • Pistons & Rods
  • Tuning
  • Repair & Maintenance

Our crankshaft balancer is so precise and accurate that we can correct an unbalanced crankshaft to 0.1 ounce-inch. Our balancer is also the fastest machine available on the market today!

* Balance Crankshaft & Assembly
* Heavy Metal Balancing
* Regrind Crankshaft
* Micro Polish Crankshaft
* Cross Drill Crankshaft
* Double Keyway

Every power plant needs to start with a good foundation. If you are looking for precision bore sizing plus an accurate surface finish, AES is the answer. Cylinder blocks can be fully machined to blueprint specifications. Using our computer-controlled vertical honing machine and automatic cylinder resizing machine, you can expect original factory accuracy and a consistent surface finish.

* Line Bore
* Bore Cylinders 90 Degrees
* Line Hone
* Hone Cylinders with Stress Plates
* Machine Block Decks 90 Degrees
* Machine Roller Cam Bearings
* True Lifter Bores with Bronze Bushings

AES offers a complete line of machining services for all your cylinder head reconditioning needs. Our services range from valve guide and seat installation to valve refacing. Having all the machinery in house to do it right, we are able to recondition cylinder heads to factory tolerances or build heads for high performance use.

* Multi Angle & Radius Competition Valve Job
* Install Valve Guides and Seats
* Machine Deck Surface
* Competition Cylinder Head Porting
* Receiver Grove & O-Ring Deck Surface
* Welding & Repair

Our piston and connecting rod services are setting the standard for the engine building industry. Our machinists are known for their precision and extreme care is taken when machining these parts; tolerances can be held to .0001 inch.

* Pin Fit Connection Rods & Pistons
* Fly-Cut Piston Valve Pockets
* Gas-Port Pistons
* Recondition Connecting Rods
* Straighten Twists
* Shot Peen Connection Rods

Drawing from more than twenty years experience, we have learned from our successes as well as our failures. We understand racers need a place to go to obtain phenomenal performance. AES offers a full range of tuning services for your current system or to provide a customized tune up for your new AES system. Call for technical assistance and pricing.

* Dyno Tuning
* At Track Tuning & Consultation
* EFI Mapping
* Alcohol Fuel Systems
* Nitrous Flow Mapping
* Chassis Set-up
* Clutch Rebuilding

NEW - We now offer a full line of repair and maintenance services for your muscle car, race car, or hot rod. Trust our fully trained technicians to keep your pride and joy running in mint condition. Call today for technical assistance and pricing.